2017 Yam Festival Cook Off Winners

We have some great sweet potato cooks in our area that need to be recognized. A huge shout out to Ms. Everlene Davis of South Columbus High School for submitting all our Youth cooking entries this year!!!! Ms. Everlene works with her kids at South Columbus High School each year and we can’t thank her enough for her long-lasting dedication to our Youth Cook Off event every year!!! This year’s cooking contest winners were:

Adult Division

Quick Breads: 1st Place and Overall Best in Show, Rebekka Garrell, 2nd Place Abigail Leonard

Entrees: 1st Place Rebekka Garrell

Cakes: 1st Place Rebekka Garell

Pies: 1st Place Rebekka Garrell, 2nd Place Natalie Fowler

Other desserts: 1st Place Sam Harper, 2nd Place Rebekka Garell

Snacks: 1st Place Rebekka Garrell, 2nd place Abigail Leonard.


Youth Division

Quick Breads 1st place Alyssa Benson, 2nd place Davion Bobby Jordan

Entrees: 1st place Johnna Blakely, 2nd place Aloyah Jordan

Cakes: 1st place and Overall Best in Show Maranda Hilburn

Other desserts: 1st place Alyssa Long, 2nd place Alyssa Benson

Snacks: 1st place Bella Nobles, 2nd place Carolyn Williams.

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